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Ervin’s Email

Ervin @ 2 yrs old

So, I’m sitting at my computer trying to plan out my blog and figure out the best day to launch it. I’m thinking Saturday, but I’ve got a show that night and I need to learn a few Bob Dylan songs before the party. Maybe I should launch it Sunday… But this will be the first Sunday I’ve had off from writing for years. I just quit my freelance gig as a weekly local music columnist for Ticket, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune‘s A&E weekly, and I always ended up writing the pieces on Sunday — the last possible day. Hey, I suffer from procrastination just like every other writer.

I’ve also been pretty stoked about not having to field so many random emails from cover bands wanting to get their shows in the listings. I ended that job to start my own blog, so I can answer emails from people that are actually interested in what I’m writing about, and want to participate in the conversation.

I take a break from setting up this site to check my personal inbox, and I find an email that’s been rerouted from my hosting service titled “Message sent from your website – Name Ervin Email:”.

Now keep in mind, I’ve been trying to get my email set up for two days and have yet to perform the final task that will supposedly fix the problem. Honestly, I didn’t know I had a contact form set up on here already…

And yet, here is an email from a musician named Ervin — no last name — sent to an inbox that isn’t set up yet.

I recognized the name. Ervin had sent me an email a few months back about getting some ink in Ticket. I don’t recall paying much attention.

My instinctive first thought was, “Oh great, here they come already. Bands hounding me for publicity.” I was still thinking in the same mindset as I had at the paper. I opened the email:

Having written his first song at the tender age of sixteen, Ervin is an experienced songwriter and guitar player.

Ervin writes

Ervin played the local club scene regularly in Houston and Austin, including as third opener for David Lee Roth. The end of the millenium saw his fourth release, \”Goodnight Junebug\” (1999). He then moved to Sarasota, played around town for a couple of years

Ervin has sold out of stock in his CD\’s at local retail venues, so sales are mail-order only for the time being. He has also received radio airplay of his music and his name, and is also currently accumulating recording royalties for an Internationally released CD with other musicians sold through East Avenue Records. Thank you for your interest!

Ervin @ 26 yrs old

I click on the reverb link and go straight for the pictures. The first five show a skinny, long-haired white guy in a white T-shirt going Van Halen eruption on a Candy Apple Red Fender Stratocaster. But it was the sixth picture that caught my eye: a mohawked toddler screaming bloody hell into a microphone while gripping the cable with both hands. The caption read “Ervin @ 2 yrs old.”

It was at that moment it hit me… Ervin wasn’t writing to get his show in the paper or land a feature about his band on the cover. He’s not expecting any widespread readership, this blog doesn’t even have pages yet. He was just writing to talk about his life as a musician: His musical experiences and accomplishments, a bit about what he’s working on now, maybe drop a few names and leave a Reverb address.

That is exactly what this blog is all about…

Ervin sent his email because he’s a musician, he loves music, and he wants to share it.

Arriving at this realization made me instantly perk up, hunt for my Post tab, and Add New.

I was eating a sweet potato, a pomodoro, and an avocado. I guess I’ll finish those now.

It’s been a good first post.


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