The purpose of Musicianing is to point out musicians doing good, encourage other artists to do good, and hopefully do a whole lotta good via this very blog. Hence the slogan: “Living Music for Good.”

listening_to_the_sound_of_peace_under_the_sunsetObviously, “good” is a relative term. In the case of this blog, “good” may come as any of the following:


Musicians can do a lot of good by reaching out to their community to collaborate and create. I’m into covering local music scene groups and collectives, as well as venues, studios, labels, schools, radio stations, record stores and instrument shops. I like the independent operations – the go-to spots and staples of the area.


Spreading the message of respect for Mother Earth is always a good move in my book. Music events and organizations promoting environmental preservation and innovative solutions to the problems of future generations is what I’m pushing. I like folks that care enough to be a voice for our only planet.


Anything involved with teaching music or getting instruments in the hands of kids, I’m all about it. We need more people learning, playing and composing, not only to keep traditional forms alive through the ages, but also to have more brain power contributing to the evolution of the art, as well as the business.


Life can be tough, and everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. Musicians are often generous with their time and talents, performing benefit shows to help cover medical bills, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, or lend support to any number of other worthy causes. I want to reward artists that give back.

cuatro_pesos_de_propinaThe potential of music to be a force for good in the world is limitless.

This is a forum for developing collaborative ideas, inspiring creative action, and dissecting the good parts of things we like. The hope is to motivate artists to look beyond music as merely entertainment, and start to view it as a catalyst for tangible progress that can actually improve people’s lives.

The ultimate goal is to develop a culture where more artists are inspired to fulfill their aspirations, more fans are discovering and supporting new original music, and more communities are utilizing their local musicians to help foster respectful, open-minded discussion in the spirit of what’s best for the future.

I invite you to join in the effort. And if you’re already living music for good or interesting in making it happen, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to share your story or just chat about the possibilities.

Let’s show the world how much good music can do.


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